Our Playground


We believe that when you experience and play with ideas, you get better results.

We love our daily basis projects as much as we love to keep experimenting.


 Do it because you love it.


Ronin Social Club

 Brand development in collaboration with Alex Arizmendi.


Roshfrans Rebranding Contest

First of all, I have to say that we don't actually support these kind of practices. BUT we had some spare time between projects and we decided to enter as an exercise.

Roshfrans is a 100% Mexican Company, devoted to the formulation, manufacturing and commercialisation for lubricant oils and greases, for their automotive and industrial usage.

Their brief specified for a radical change. We delivered a contemporary solution.

In the end we didn't win the prize but we are really happy with the result.

The Martian

I really loved Andy Weir's The Martian. I wanted to make some posters as a tribute.

De Día y de Noche

Posters for a mexican science fiction movie. Screenprinted by Color 75° with 2 metallic inks: gold and silver + 1 light gray background. Designed at Index34 in collaboration with Omar Orlaineta.